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Start! 90 Round

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

Start! 90 Round: ideal measurements for even the most petite of bathrooms. As ideal as the freedom of arrangement offered by Jacuzzi®. The Start! system is made up of three elements designed by Carlo Urbinati: a shower tray, tempered glass enclosures and a multifunction shower panel. You can decide their combination by choosing the complete version or adapting Start! to your requirements.

The shower tray available in two heights
The shower tray is available in the version with a tall edge (90 mm) or with a low edge (35 mm), both non-slip, resistant and pleasant to touch. It can be installed either before laying the bathroom tiles or afterwards, when the bathroom is ready. If initially only the shower tray is required, the tempered glass panels can be added at a later date. A Teak finish wooden duckboard is also available on request.

The minimalist tempered glass shower enclosures

The tempered glass shower enclosures, more than two metres tall, are superb from an aesthetic viewpoint. Extremely linear, they set off the pureness and transparency of the exclusive Crystal Clear Jacuzzi® treated glass that preserves its sparkle as time goes by. The aluminium content is reduced to a minimum: namely, it can be found in the special side fixing profiles and in the refined hinges installed directly on the glass panels. All these are essential details that emphasise the very minimalist design.

The exclusive multifunction panel, a new shower experience
The multifunction panel, which is always supplied with the tempered glass enclosures, is the most important distinguishing element of Start! The control column is integrated in the tempered glass instead of in the wall so that the tapware is facing the inside of the shower. Thus, a new bathroom experience is revealed, with your body and face looking towards the front of the shower. A 30 cm diameter, fixed showerhead floods the body with its rainfall effect. A bubbly waterfall regenerates it. A handheld shower and hose closely reach any part of your body. The thermostatic mixer (standard depending on the chosen fittings) supplies water at the desired temperature.

Performance-oriented design
Extremely compact, all the hydraulic parts of the exclusive panel have been collected in a very small space for maximum transparency and pureness of shapes. As is also apparent from the practical integrated shelf that prefers to not detract from the beauty of the bathroom tiles. All this with top performances: 15.8 l/min for the waterfall and 14 l/min for the rainfall showerhead.
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Dimensiones (cm)
90 x 90 x 205

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